Curious about Refractive Eye Surgery? Schedule a Complimentary Preview Consultation

Patients can contact Horizon Laser Vision Center to book a short, free Preview consultation to find out if refractive surgery is an option, prior to being out of their contact lenses. This is not mandatory but will answer some questions for the patient as they are deciding about having refractive surgery.

The testing may include Pentacam or Topography (the front surface shape of the eye), Pachymetry (corneal thickness) and iDesign (how the eye sees light). The Horizon Optometrist will look over the results to give an opinion if the patient is a candidate or not.

If the patient is a potential candidate, they will be advised to book an eye exam/pre-op examination with their optometrist. Horizon will send a note to inform the optometrist of any testing results and opinions given by the HLVC Optometrist.

Serious about Refractive Eye Surgery? Schedule a Pre-op Exam

Patients may contact their own optometrist; who are the expert about the patient’s eye health and history, to schedule a full eye examination/pre-op for refractive surgery. (Recent eye exams may have been already done and this information can be used.) A referral form will be filled out and sent to Horizon. The patient will be contacted by Horizon to book a laser consult date and/or a treatment date. The patient will be informed to be out of contact lenses for the appropriate length of time.

At the laser consult, The Horizon Optometrist will discuss treatment options with the patient and help the patient understand which procedure best suits their unique eye. The treatment day will be confirmed and information given to ensure that the patient understands the procedure.

Contact Horizon for more information.