LASIK Safety and Performance Continues to Impress

"At the May 2016 annual meeting of the American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery – the medical organization of surgeons specializing in vision correction and cataract surgeries – updates of several high-profile research studies of LASIK safety and performance, including the FDA PROWL study, were presented showing impressively and consistently high marks for safety, outcomes, as well as patient satisfaction."

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Surgery to Cure Need for Reading Glasses

"Quick: how many pairs of reading glasses do you own? (Don't forget to count the spare in your gym bag and in your glove compartment.) If your answer is "too many," here's a solution for getting rid of them: a first-of-its-kind eyeball implant that treats near-vision loss, or presbyopia (also known as the reason you can't read the restaurant menu)."

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Laser Eye Surgery Turns 25

"When the first laser eye surgery occurred in Canada, many medical experts predicted — correctly — that the procedure would revolutionize vision care.

"The scene was set at Calgary's Gimbel Eye Centre. National news cameras focused on a reclining operating bed; gloved hands worked beside a white, protruding metal box, inches away from a patient's head encased in a gossamer-like sterile cap; and, a laser red dot appeared on 24-year-old Brent Carreau’s eye lid."

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