The Choice of Monovision when Thinking of Presbyopia

Monovision is the use of one eye for distance and one eye for near vision. This is one option to consider as part of the refractive surgery decision. By correcting one eye to focus in the distance and one eye to focus for near, the vision part of our brain suppress or filter out the image from the eye that is not in clear focus.

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Monovision is best for people over the age of 40. Those people who do go through with monovision will be able to see well enough both at distance and near.

It is helpful to realize that without a specific cure for presbyopia all refractive corrections involve compromise. If you have both eyes corrected for good distance vision, you will need glasses for close vision. If you choose to have both eyes corrected for close vision, you will have to wear glasses to clearly see anything far away. If you choose monovision, although vision may work well for almost all purposes, you might feel it is less than perfect.

Many patients who are debating whether to choose monovision as an option will wear contact lenses on a trial basis to experience whether they are happy with that vision prior to going ahead with surgery.