An innovative surgical procedure to treat presbyopia is available at Horizon Laser Vision Center.

Presbyopia is a natural eye condition, occurring in those over 40, that reduces the ability of the eye to focus on close objects, creating a blurred image of near objects and an inability to see fine details. Symptoms of presbyopia may also include ocular discomfort; blurred vision at a normal reading distance; and eyestrain, headaches or fatigue after reading or performing near work such as embroidery or handwriting. Age is the major risk factor for the development of presbyopia, but the condition can also develop prematurely as the result of natural and environmental factors such as ocular trauma, systemic disease, cardiovascular disease or a medication side effect.

KAMRA VisionTM has helped thousands reduce their dependency on reading glasses. This outpatient procedure consists of implanting a small corneal inlay in an iLASIK type pocket within the patient's cornea, as a separate procedure or in combination with iLASIK in a two-step procedure.

The Kamra Procedure for Renewing Vision Over 40

KAMRA VisionTM is now available at Horizon Laser Vision Center.

The KAMRATM Inlay is an opaque, micro-perforated disc with an opening in the center. It is much smaller than a contact lens and 1/10th the thickness of a sheet of paper.It is designed to create a small aperture effect, allowing the eye to see near and intermediate objects more clearly while minimally affecting distance vision.

This method is stable and long-lasting; the inlay actually halts the visual effects of presbyopia over the long-term . It restores near and intermediate vision while maintaining good distance vision, provides quality reading vision, maintains depth perception and is removable.

KAMRA is the only inlay approved for presbyopia in Canada (Health Canada, Sept. 2012). To date, the KAMRA inlay has been implanted in more than 15,000 patients and is now available in over 40 countries worldwide. The inlay has received CE mark and is available in select markets across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and South America. The company anticipates submitting for FDA approval for distribution in the United States in 2014.


About AcuFocus and the KAMRA inlay

AcuFocus Inc., a privately held company located in Irvine, California, developed the KAMRA inlay for the treatment of near vision loss (presbyopia). The KAMRA inlay is an intra-corneal inlay designed to create a small aperture effect, allowing the eye to see near and intermediate objects more clearly while maintaining distance vision. By applying the “depth-of-focus” principle commonly used in photography, the KAMRA inlay controls light transmission, allowing only central rays to reach the retina through a fixed 1.6mm aperture. Several thousand KAMRA inlays have been implanted and it is available for sale in over 45 countries worldwide. The AcuFocus KAMRA inlay is a 2012 Medical Design Excellence Awards® Finalist.KAMRA® is a trademark of AcuFocus, Inc.

Please visit www.KAMRA.com for more information on presbyopia and KAMRA Vision.

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