You can be glasses free - AS LOW AS $100/month*!!

Easy LASIK payment plans can be arranged with Medicard or Credit Medical, over the phone, with approval just hours away. Interest rates start at 8%. All the financing company needs is a current pay stub, or bank statement. Visit Medicard® OR Credit Medical to explore your LASIK payment options and to complete their on-line application.

* based on a $500 deposit payable at the time of booking your procedure, and remaining balance repayable over 24 months.


Horizon Laser Vision Center’s all-inclusive procedure fee includes the pre-op testing, the consultation, the surgery, and all postoperative services with your optometrist and/or the surgeon for 12 months from the date of your procedure. All prescription medications will be provided to you following your surgery. Lubricating eye drops will be provided for one month from the your surgery date. In the rare case it is deemed necessary the cost also includes enhancement within 2 years of the original surgery date. Contact us for pricing details.